About Dr. Joop

Kanokwan Chantauppalee, M.D. goes by her nickname Dr. Joop (Khun Mor Joop, in Thai), as do most Thai people.
Dr. Chantauppalee Obtained her medical degree at Khon Kaen University Faculty of Medicine in ____ and did her dermatologic and aesthetic training at the Pan Clinic.
She was employed at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok before starting her own practice in 2011.
Dr. Chantauppalee has sought out many opportunities for further training, doing mentorships in hair transplant surgery (FUE), fat transfer, PRP, and Botox and cosmetic fillers internationally, including in the United States, Spain, Germany and Japan. 
Dr. Chantauppalee is sought after by celebrities from Thailand and has an international clientele.



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